Anicillary Products

We supply all that you need to apply our products properly, from Decra Clean, our glass cleaner, to boning pegs for applying our lead, squeegees and rollers for our window film, U.V. and white light adhesives for our bevels and fused tiles, U.V. lamps to cure the U.V. adhesives and Decra Sheen, which artificially ages natural lead. Anything you need to apply our products, we can help you!







50mm and 75mm Rubber Rollers


Trade boning peg and tips





DIY boning peg



Knife for cutting lead

Blades for knife, 25 pcs in a box

Squeeges for applying film, 85mm and 175mm

Bevel applicator
 UV lamp

Agents for special purposes


Decra Guard – solution to make cleaning frosted glass easier. Available in 1l and 500ml bottles. Decra Guard is a specially formulated solvent based liquid coating that acts as a water repellent and Guard for glass that has been designed to greatly reduce how often glass or other treated surfaces need to be cleaned.

Decra Guard may be used on a range of surfaces to provide excellent water repellent performance, these surfaces include sandblasted glass.

Decra Sheen – is a chemical formulation developed to darken Decra Led, as the dark lead appearance is often
preferred to that of bright lead. When Decra Sheen is applied to new lead it instantly darkens the surface,
giving an “aged look” to the lead. An added bonus from this treatment is that the uneven and various colours
sometimes displayed during the natural oxidation process of lead are “masked” by the darkened finish.
In the furniture trade Decra Sheen has become very popular by providing an instant “antique look” to leaded
glass doors, panels on cabinets, and fire surrounds.

Decra Clean – glass cleaner, 500ml and 5 l.