Stained Glass Panels

With Decra Led products you achieve a truly
authentic stained glass effect at a fraction
of the time and the cost normally taken
to produce traditional stained glass.
Herewith presented sacral stained glass
windows have been made at the distant
Sachalin Island, in Russia.

Window Films

Self-adhesive Decra Glow films are available in sheet size: 660mm x 460mm.
We offer huge range of colours, effects and textures to choose from.
Textured films make clear glass look like patterned glass.

Decra Bevels

Bevels are the products which match current trends
of simplicity and the sense of colour and structure
moderation. Bevels are addressed to glaziers, stained
glass studios, manufacturers of doors, furniture,
as well as artisans using glass as their medium.


Pujan Led

We distribute the extensive selection of Decra Led materials for stained glass panels, which are dedicated for furniture and door manufacturers, stained-glass studios, glaziers and hobbyists.

In addition to our basic product range, our offer has been extended with traditional lead came by Heaps, Arnold & Heaps, UV adhesives and protectors for sandblasted glass.